Enterprise systems

Enterprise systems

Enterprise systemsLeader in enterprise system management, Infotel helps you with the technological development of your IT system.


Your organisation saw that a capable IT system was essential for development.
For many years, numerous strategic IT applications have followed and have become an important part of the daily work of your teams, bringing value to your customers.
Developed with technologies at the time (z/OS, assembler, Cobol, CICS, IMS, DL/1, DB2, …), these strategic applications need to continue to provide functionality and development, however your team does not fully control these technologies.

Since its outset, Infotel has specialised in enterprise systems and continues to be one of the leading players in enterprise system technologies.
Infotel can help you in all development stages of your enterprise systems:

  • Application mapping
  • Performance diagnostics
  • Application maintenance
  • Application acceptance testing
  • System or application migration
  • Upgrading of redundant languages or technologies

Infotel is your partner for enterprise systems.