An intelligent driver for your database

iDBA-Online manages administration tasks and optimizes the cost of DB2 databases for z/OS®.

Your needs

Database administration and maintenance tasks generate significant costs and use restrictions. Optimizing these processes enhances performance and manages loads.

The iDBA-Online solution

iDBA-Online is an intelligent piloting solution for administering and maintaining DB2 database operations for z/OS. The software optimises useful tasks such as reorganisations and back-ups, according to business constraints and their impact on application costs.


  • Plan practical tasks only
  • Increase data availability
  • Free up DBA time
  • Ultra-efficient integrated or IBM standard utilities
  • Metrics display of database status


  • Intelligent and transparent utility piloting
  • Application cost analysis
  • On-line or off-line reorganisation
  • Synchronous or asynchronous back-up
  • Data loading and unloading

A DBA at the heart of your systembg_planif

Through the analysis of application costs and operational impacts, iDBA-Online organises maintenance operations so that global system performance system is optimised, while data integrity is guaranteed.

  • iDBA-Online manages planning and execution of on-line or off-line reorganisation, synchronous or asynchronous back-ups and data loading and unloading operations.
  • Reorganising tables and indices generates costs. Non-reorganising leads to increased resource consumption and performance deterioration. iDBA-Online assesses these costs to identify the objects to reorganise, and schedules practical tasks only.
  • iDBA-Online optimises the frequency of back-ups to reduce costs while ensuring a maximum level of security.
  • Defines operational strategies guarantees compliance with business constraints and techniques, as well as the data availability, back-up policies, CPU consumption, etc.
  • iDBA-Online is fully compatible with standard DB2 utilities, and also includes its own ultra-fast utilities for reorganisation, back-up, loading and unloading.

Intelligent planningbg_engin

iDBA-Online supervises all or part of company databases.

  • iDBA-Online analyses available information via Real Time Statistics, or directly using the database datasets.
  • Key information is stored in the internal iDBA-Online repository to reduce access to the statistics catalogue and take into account the data history in analyses.
  • Utility performance and processing times are recorded to improve future organisation operations.
  • Simulation mode detects necessary maintenance operations and assesses their processing times.
  • The planner complies with user-defined constraints as well as forbidden times, data availability, CPU consumption, etc.

A clear and metric visionbg_interf

As an industrial piloting tool for databases, iDBA-Online can operate in command line mode or via a web interface.

  • Accessible via an internet browser, the interface facilitates configuration of core business constraints and offers a graphical view of planning.
  • With this interface, the user can also directly launch and plan the utilities.
  • Clear and precise statuses display the database metrics concerned and monitor maintenance operations.
  • Intelligent planning of maintenance operations reduces both database costs and administration loads.

IDBA-Online, an intelligent driver for your DB2

idba-online Pamphlet

IDBAOnline, Smart maintenance tasks pilot for DB2 – pdf